Monday, 29 September 2014

Blake's Seven - "The Way Back" - WIP - Part Three

One of the painting techniques I use for all my miniatures, even 6mm, is ‘black lining’ or simply ‘boxing off’ the different colours on a figure with a thin(ish) black line. This is obviously quickly and easily done when the models are originally undercoated black but as I hadn’t done that with these Freedom Fighters by “Crooked Dice Game Design Studio” I’ve spent a fair few minutes separating the figures’ clothing, hands, weapons, belts and heads. As you can see this can be a really rough process as I’ll use an areas main paint colour to sidle up to the black later on.
I’ve since been working on the trousers of the models, and gone with a green-grey with black wash for ‘Blake’, a red wash for ‘Jenna’ and a brown wash over dark brown trousers for ‘Vila’. I’ve also painted the silver boot straps for ‘Blake’, treating them to a wash of Black shade as well and started painting his dark green jumper.


  1. Very interesting! nice decription of how you do this, always nice to see how sombody else paints their figures especially when it's so different from my own, I'm looking forward to Avon as I want to see how you handle blacks (I assume he will be in black?) I always find it a dit of a swine getting differentiation in two areas of black next to one another.

    Cheers Roger.

  2. Most of the Freedom Fighter outfits seem to be based on first season costumes, so Avon's was predominantly brown with some cream and black for the early stories. But the model is wearing his later black outfit, so you won't be disappointed. Although my technique is quite simple, paint the areas black and then paint some other areas. I find the way I hold my models whilst painting transfers a smidge of grease into the black areas and that acts as a highlight once they've been varnished. Catwoman is a good example of this :-)


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