Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Pendraken Miniatures Russian World War Two T70b Light Tanks

Unfortunately these three T70b Russian Light Tanks by “Pendraken Miniatures” have taken rather a long time to finally complete, despite having been extremely simple to paint. Indeed the 10mm metal models were just undercoated with “Citadel” Knarloc Green, before being washed with Thraka Green and then dry-brushed with more Knarloc Green. Each set of tracks were initially painted Abaddon Black before being picked out with Boltgun Metal and washed with Nuln Oil. The red stars are from the 144th selection of PNDC6 Russian Stars; a decal set purchasable from “Pendraken Miniatures”.
I have a few more of these lovely armour miniatures painted and based, and plan to return to my old copy of “Blitzkrieg Commander” by “Specialist Military Publishing” this weekend…
In addition I’ve finished painting my Groot “Heroclix” figure, so this lovely plastic model now just needs basing before I can get it on the table. Whilst my Rocket Racoon is also progressing, having undercoated all his fur and then washed it with a “Citadel” Nuln Oil wash. I’m hoping to finish him over the weekend.

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