Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Painting Challenge: Week Thirteen - 28mm Heroclix Miniatures

The subject of my final week’s Painting Challenge are six 28mm plastic models by “Wizkids” from their pre-painted “Heroclix” range. Five of the miniatures are copies of the Thug figure from the Marvel Infinity Challenge set. I actually painted an identical figure back in February and plan to use this as the basis for these guys’ paint scheme. The sixth model is Catwoman from the DC Hypertime set.
Sticking with the “Heroclix” theme, I’ve already started applying some coats of paint to Groot and Rocket Racoon from the Guardians of the Galaxy starter set. Although the model of the Monarch of Planet X is based upon the character’s design for the film, I much prefer the darker brown colour scheme used in the comic books, so have gone with a “Vallejo” Heavy Sienna undercoat as opposed to the silver birch grey of the pre-paint. I am aware that there are two (seemingly far larger) Groot “Heroclix” figures on the market which are based upon the Flora Colossus who debuted in Issue Thirteen of “Tales To Astonish”; including one wearing his Guardians uniform. But due to their prices (on Ebay at least) I doubt I’ll be picking either up until I next make a bulk order from the United States.


  1. What do you mean "final week!" does this mean it's the last painting challenge? what are you going to do next? we need to know.

  2. It'll be the last one for this year. I still have a few to finish off and then I want to concentrate on a few projects, especially the 10mm Pendraken and 28mm heroclix; plus get some battle reports up. Too many blogs so little time :-)


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