Sunday, 7 September 2014

WW1 Egyptian Expeditionary Force - WIP - Part Two

I’m slowly progressing the painting of my World War One Egyptian Expeditionary Force but been slightly delayed working out a satisfactory ‘factory process’ for painting the numerous “Pendraken Miniatures” the project will entail. Sticking with my previously posted test models from code ME1 Imperial Infantry I’ve finally decided to simply separate the soldiers’ rifles, jacket, leggings and areas of flesh with a coat of black and then pick out the relevant areas with either “Vallejo” Heavy Skintone or Heavy Grey.
As (yet another) distraction I’ve also based up a couple of 28mm plastic miniatures from the “Heroclix” “Guardians of the Galaxy” six figure starter set. To be honest the majority of these models suffer with appalling sculpting and dreadfully thick paintjobs, but Rocket Racoon and Groot appear to be the best of the bunch.


  1. Good to see you painting again, we'll never solve the world lead maountain problem if we keep slacking off (ha), the WW1 Brit's look to be progressing well, but I do like the look of the Gardians of the Galaxy, figures excellent film by the way the best one I've seen this year, are the other figures really that bad? I look forward to seeing the whole group painted up with some decent paintjobs (not the blob's they come out of the packet with). Cheers Roger.

  2. Roger, I'm afraid the Gomora and Drax are truly awful sculpts (imho), but I might be able to salvage the Accuser and Star-Lord. First coats on Groot and Rocket are already underway as I've suddenly been bitten by the Heroclix bug again... and hopefully have a battle report post coming up featuring Batman & Howard, the Duck Wonder.!?!


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