Friday, 26 September 2014


I’ve actually had this 28mm plastic “Heroclix” model of Catwoman on one of my shelves, undercoated black and ready for painting for at least a couple of years. A somewhat baffling situation as model number 37 from the DC Hypertime set wasn’t terribly difficult to paint, as you can probably imagine.

Having given the “Wizkids” figure a thin coat of “Citadel” Abaddon Black, simply to freshen up its look, I picked out the burglar’s famous whip with an old pot of Dark Flesh and then washed it with Agrax Earthshade. I then took some Boltgun Metal and picked out Selina Kyle’s eye-goggles, belt buckle and cat-suit zipper. All these areas were then treated to a layer of the shade Nuln Oil.

I did then consider picking out the lenses on Catwoman’s goggles in either red or yellow, as I’ve seen both colours applied, having had a quick look at how other people have painted the model on the internet. But as this is already a pre-paint I didn’t fancy my chances of being delicate enough with a brush tip to do the model justice. I figured I’d simply have a few attempts, fail miserably, and then go back over the areas with even more Boltgun Metal and simply ruin the entire look of the “Wizkids” model. Best to cut my losses, shelve my ‘Eavy Metal Syndrome’ and base the model. Besides, from four foot away the paintjob looks perfectly acceptable.
Sticking with the simple black, silver and flesh painting combination I’ve got some base layers on my masked bandit figure from “Boot Hill Miniatures”. Obviously the painting is a little rough at present, and needs to be cleaned up, but it lets me see where I’m going with the model; albeit I’m convinced the eye slits will be filled back in with black before the day is done as they look tricky…

I've been rather inspired to do a bit of Wild West by some of the superb sculpting and conversion work which can be found on the "Rantings from under the Wargames Table" blog. The first posting of the three parts can be found here:


  1. You really are to hard on yourself I think you've done a sterling job on miss Kyle, and the Zorro figure is rather nice as well (you've got me thinking now, allways a bad thing!). thanks for the shout out by the way. I do like how your B7 figs are progressing and Jenna has really grown on me now you can see her a bit clearer. nice figure that.

    Cheers Roger.

  2. Roger. Most kind about Catwoman. I think she's a lovely model but having been 'burnt' by trying to pick out the front leathers on my Rocket Raccoon pre-paint, I thought a retreat on the face-goggles was definitely the better part of valour. No worries about the shout out and glad you like my masked bandit. Another B7 update tomorrow - I hope :-)

  3. Oh good. I'll look forward to that,

  4. No worries. If not tomorrow then certainly Monday. I'm trying to go back to a post every 2-3 days if I can.


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