Saturday, 8 February 2014

Break Out From Belgium

Set somewhere on the French-Belgian border in May 1940, and using the "Savage Worlds" "Weird War Two" rules, our latest battle had a section of British Expeditionary Force Infantry, lead by a Sergeant and Sniper (as Wildcards) encircled by the Wehrmacht and desperate to push west towards the temporary safety of coastal France and the main Allied lines. To represent this situation we actually used the Break Out Mission (for "Flames Of War") that was recently published in the January 2014 issue of "Wargames Illustrated" and simply adapted some of its distances etc to better fit in with "Savage Worlds" and our 3' x 3' table. As a result the British forces would face a German Infantry Squad ahead of them, knowing that from somewhere behind them a horde of German zombies was rapidly approaching.
We set up in the deployment zones as stipulated within the magazine's article, and as both forces were in prepared positions we decided that our units could start the battle Prone if wanted; affording many a model with a -2 penalty (to be hit) as they counted in medium cover. With no sign of the shambling Undead, the British took partial cover within a two-storey house over looking part of the German trenches, and started riddling the earthworks with their Bren Gun. When it came time for the Germans to return fire, we agreed that the double-window (from which the British machine gunner had been firing from) would count as heavy cover, providing a -4 penalty upon the hapless Wehrmacht. 7.92mm bullets pinged around the window with one amazingly killing a British soldier stood beside the Bren Gun.
Elsewhere, the other party of British troops found their Sniper 's trademark weapon, a De Lisle Carbine, wasn't as reliable as thought and actually faulty. This meant the private risked the rifle jamming if he fired, so instead he hurled a No.23 MII grenade at the oncoming Wehrmacht soldiers, trusting to a strong arm (and a Joker). The grenade was right on target and none of the German's were agile enough to throw themselves out of harms way.
Despite both sides exchanging fire and slowly whittling one another down, the situation steadily worsened for the British as the Allied Force first found themselves Lost and disorientated on the battlefield (pushing the game forward a Turn after some failed Navigation rolls), and then under threat from an Air Attack as a German fighter swooped across the table. Having decided everyone outside was going to dive for cover (thus negating the pilot from making an attack) all the British lifted their heads up from the mud to see the Undead finally emerge to their rear from out of a nearby forest. The BEF's only saving grace being that the undergrowth beneath the Zombies counted as difficult ground, so would halve their movement until they left the cover of the trees.
A final turn of the British hurling grenades and firing for all their worth left the Wehrmacht lines practically deserted, but none of the King's men were close enough to the Axis side of the table to escape to safety, and the (greatly reduced) German forces were declared the winner. If only the British hadn't got Lost mid-way through the game...
We haven't decided whether to replay this mission for our next game or not, but would certainly like to have some additional forces (and Wild Cards) present during the fight. As a result one of the models I'm busily painting up is my "Bolt Action" Dingo Armoured Scout Car by "Warlord Games". This should give the Allies some much needed speed, so even if their forces do get Lost again, they'll have the opportunity to race to safety. 


  1. Looking forward to trying this. brent

  2. I'll be bringing it over with me in a few weeks time. See you then :-)

  3. @Monty, Many thanks. We've not had a game with so many distractions/complications coming up before. It was literally every turn... and none of them in Allies favour (such as stumbling upon a British HMG team that were also trying to retreat to the Allied lines). Hoping to play another this weekend.


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