Sunday, 16 February 2014

Ground Zero Games Xenomorphs - Part One

I've finished painting the first figures from several packets of 15mm models I bought from "Ground Zero Games" at the Colours Wargaming Show in 2013. The aliens are all from the six-figure bag SG15-X01 Xenomorphs and I've based them on a (bigger than my usual) 40mm x 60mm base ready for some large scale tabletop battles using the "Science Fiction Companion" setting for "Savage Worlds".
They were extremely simple and quick to paint as all I did initially was undercoat them with "Coat D'Arms" water based paint 102 Black before heavily dry-brushing them with "Vallejo" Heavy Bluegrey. I then drenched the models in "Citadel" Nuln Oil to significantly reduce the contrast between the two colours and blend them together.
In addition I've assembled one of my latest acquisitions from "Warlord Games", an A11 Matilda Mark I Infantry Tank. This resin and metal model has proved rather difficult to construct due to some slight mis-alignments between the pins on the inside of the metal track castings and their corresponding holes on the resin body. In addition the turret's metal hatch doors have had to be re-positioned (from their more historically accurate pose) in order for them to have any chance of remaining glued to the resin turret during gaming.


  1. Nice Xenomprphs they look great. I have finished my own this week. Just need to add the satin varnish for the final effect and off to be photographed. Love the look of the tank despite the extra work you've had to put into it. Shall look forward to seeing it painted.

  2. Simon, Many thanks. I look forward to seeing your xenomorphs on your Google page. How have you based yours? Individually? I must confess I was wishing the entire time I put the Matilda together, that I'd bought a later version model. Still its nice and large for an early WW2 tank and does look quite good now its assembled and getting painted.


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