Thursday, 6 February 2014

German Packed Light Machine Gun Crew

I've managed to finish painting the two models which make-up the "West Wind Productions" blister pack G-SOTR33 - German Packed LMG. I had to use some more of my old pots from my (quickly drying-out) collection of "Citadel Foundation" and "Citadel Washes" in order for the figures' colour scheme to match those of my previously painted "Secrets Of The Third Reich" German Mech Grenadiers. As a result each model's uniform was painted using a combination of Adeptus Battlegrey and Badab Black and their body armour using Calthan Brown and Devlan Mud. In order to try and replicate the old 'out of production' "Citadel" combination of Tallarn Flesh undercoat with an Elf Flesh highlight for their hands' skin, an undercoat of "Vallejo" Heavy Skintone was applied before being heavily washed with an old pot of Ogryn Flesh. The fingers were then highlighted with more Heavy Skintone before a second wash of Ogryn Flesh was applied. In addition instead of using the bionic-eyed futuristic head which came in the blister, I fitted the Light machinegun carrying model with another of the standard heads from the pack SHS-SOTR01 German Gas Mask Heads.
I have also painted the GWHER 45 Auto Rifle carrier from a second G-SOTR33 blister in order to be able to 'field' a full eleven man pre-1943 Wehrmacht Infantry squad; complete with MG34 carrier, for "Savage Worlds" "Weird War Two". In previous games I've had to use models carrying assault rifles and submachine guns as stand-ins. Now these figures can actually represent the firearms they carry and can be deployed as potential 'straggling' German reserves, such as Fallschirmjager armed with StG44's, who emerge upon the tabletop as a complication/distraction.
In addition I've just one more Mech Grenadier model with a Field Cap and Visor head to replace with a Stahlhelm. However I'm going to leave that particular 'operation' until after the weekend's planned 'big game' and concentrate on painting more German Zombies with Helmets.

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