Monday, 10 February 2014

British Daimler Dingo Mk II Scout Car

I've finally finished painting a resin model I actually purchased from (the now defunct) "Bolt Action Miniatures" over five years ago. For despite me attaching the vehicle to a "Citadel" 60mm Round Base and undercoating it Chaos Black shortly after I bought it, I've never seriously attempted to paint the vehicle (until now) and as a result it had simply languished unwanted upon a shelf (along with the rest of that particular model order) for the past few years.
Painted predominantly using "Vallejo" Heavy Green, I then heavily washed the scout car with "Citadel" Shade Agrax Earthshade. The vehicle's stowage and spade were picked out using "Citadel" Calthan Brown or Dark Flesh and Boltgun Metal respectively. The decals are for XII Corps and I actually found them buried within an old bag of "Airfix" and "Revell" Second World War vehicle transfers I purchased from a 'bring and buy' many years ago.
Originally I tried to paint both the driver and the commander miniatures whilst they were super-glued in place but it eventually became abundantly clear that it would be impossible for me to reach some areas of the figures without separating them from the main model. Both soldiers' uniforms were painted with "Citadel" Foundation Calthan Brown and a Devlan Mud wash.
Next up on the painting table 'vehicle-wise' is this rather nice (though somewhat smaller than anticipated) Flying Standard 10' "Tilly" Truck from "Warlord Games".

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