Saturday, 22 February 2014

"Damn Those Norts!"

This model is one of three figures found within pack RT101 Rogue Trooper by "Warlord Games". I've actually been waiting to paint the Genetic Infantryman from the comic "2000A.D." for some time, since October 2012 in fact, when the "Judge Dredd Miniatures Game: Block War" kickstarter project by "Mongoose Publishing" was successfully funded. I'm not going to dwell on the time its taken for this particular stretch goal to arrive, but just as soon as its jiffy bag fell through my letterbox the survivor of the Quartz Massacre was on my painting desk being super-glued to a 25mm round base and undercoated "Coat D'Arms" Black.

This 28mm metal model has received some criticism on the kickstarter comments page, mostly because Rogue Trooper's rifle doesn't have the bio-chip Gunnar on it. This is a disappointing omission by the sculptor, especially as they managed to 'squeeze' Bagman's bio-chip onto the side of his backpack, but one I easily rectified by gluing a rectangular piece of card onto the assault weapon.
I painted the model from his boots up, using the "Citadel" layer Doombull Brown and a wash of Agrax Earthshade for his footwear, Gunnar, chest straps and helmet strap. I then painted his trousers with "Vallejo" Heavy Brown and his ammo pouches, grenades, Bagman and Helm with Heavy Grey. This later areas were then washed with an old pot of "Citadel" Thrakka Green. The bio-chips, shoulder clips, leg knife and drinking flask were 'picked out' with Boltgun Metal and Badab Black. Finally I used "Vallejo" Heavy Blue for the soldier's skin, combined with a wash of "Citadel" Asurmen Blue. 

Whilst the model's pose looks good when viewed from either side, the miniature appears disconcertingly thin when looked at face-on or from the rear. Indeed the quality of some of the sculpting, especially at the back beneath Bagman is rather poorly defined with any raised edges, such as Rogue's hip pouch straps, actually appearing ragged and torn; almost as if the the modelling putty had been ripped away from the model with a blunt knife. Either that or something may well have gone wrong with the casting of the figure. Regardless this is a nice-looking model, and although Rogue Trooper's two companions, a Souther and a Nort, won't be seeing a 'lick of paint' anytime soon (at least until "Warlord Games" release them as singles or a squad), I'm sure the "Savage Worlds" "Weird War" setting may see the appearance of a lone Infantryman, a futuristic soldier, in search of a traitor some time soon.
I've a game planned for next Thursday evening, so I'm currently just putting the finishing touches to my final two Mustard Gas Breath zombies, before I start work on some additional British forces, such as a Sten-carrying NCO and a Tommy carrying a Projector Infantry Anti-Tank spigot bomb. 


  1. Many thanks. Bit of a diversion tbh, but a nice one. Certainly plan to buy a few Southers and Norts etc when "Warlord Games" start selling them as squads etc.

  2. Many thanks, Phil. I have snuck a couple of other models out from my "Judge Dredd" Kickstarter to paint up alongside my current "West Wind" project :-)


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