Saturday, 15 February 2014

German Zombie Horde In Helmets - Part Four

With a sense of some relief I've finished the final two German Undead models I plan to paint during my current obsession with the "Savage Worlds" "Weird War Two" setting. Like all the other models I've painted for my latest Third Reich Undead horde these 28mm metal miniatures are from "West Wind Productions" pack G-SOTR10 - German Zombie Horde In Helmets.
However I do still have enough enthusiasm left regarding the Walking Undead, to paint five models from the blister SOV-SOTR18 Soviet Zombie Horde. Utilising some heads from SHS-SOTR08 Soviet Gas Mask Heads In Helmets I'll be 'fielding' these figures as Axis Mustard Gas Breath Zombies.
In addition, purely as a simple distraction, I've finally started to paint one of the many models to have come from the "Judge Dredd" kickstarter by "Mongoose Publishing", as well as the first of a small batch of 15mm Xenomorphs by "Ground Zero Games".

I'm also trying to finish the lovely Flying Standard 10' "Tilly" Truck, complete with a splendid-looking British Army driver, which recently arrived from "Warlord Games".

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