Wednesday, 16 April 2014

"...In Defence Of The Law"

I've managed to finish one of the 'newer' "Mongoose Publishing" Street Judge models in my collection and it's definitely been the easiest to paint of the handful I've so far painted. Certainly I've not needed to 'sculpt' any missing details on the figure with green stuff on this occasion and even the casting's flash was minimal. However, just like the large artistic variance of the future lawman's look found within his actual comic books, the sculpting style of this 28mm metal miniature is strikingly different to both the 'older' models I've already painted, as well as the new models produced by the "Judge Dredd" Kickstarter. Indeed the helmet badge, square knee pads and boot knives all smack of Brian Bolland's legendary artwork.
What with "Salute 2014" and the many discounts/offers currently available through wargaming websites, this really has been the week of adding to my lead/resin/plastic mountain as opposed to 'whittling' it down through painting. But I'm still persevering with some 6mm "Baccus 6mm" buildings; albeit my interest in this scale has significantly diminished due to my latest "Salute" purchases.

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