Sunday, 27 April 2014

Ground Zero Games Xenomorphs - Final Part

I've completed another six stands of my 15mm alien models by "Ground Zero Games". I actually still have a handful of these miniatures left over, including two which I'm halfway through stripping down, having seriously over-painted them. However I think I can only get so many blog posts out of code SG15-X01 Xenomorphs, and the two model variants the plastic packet contains, so I don't plan to paint the last few LV-426 life-forms anytime soon.

All the miniatures have been painted using my 'quick and dirty' method of dry-brushing "Vallejo" Heavy Bluegrey over a "Coat D'Arms" Black undercoat before washing them with "Citadel" Nuln Oil. They were then super-glued to "Battlefront Miniatures" plastic bases.
Once dry I then built up the areas around the models' bases with green stuff in order to create a simple slope. If I've one complaint about these "Ground Zero Games" figures its their thick(ish) stands, and that one of the poses seems to suffer horribly from 'giddy alien syndrome'. That is the pose has a terrible lean to one side which when simply glued flat to a base makes the model appear to about to fall over to one side. Hardly the terrifying 'H.R. Giger image' I want them to somehow capture and one of the reasons I moved away from my original plan to base three models on a larger 40mm x 60mm rectangular base.

As a result many of the models have had a small blob of greenstuff placed beneath their base in order for me to 'straighten' their pose. This meant I then had to fill in the gap between the figures' stand and the "Battlefront Miniatures" base, as well as smooth out the join so the metal stand didn't 'jut out' from my basing later on.
As soon as the green stuff had hardened I then gave each base a coat of PVA glue and covered them in grit and sand (using a combination of model railway scenic ballast and other grainy basing materials I've collected over the years). I then painted the bases with "Coat D'Arms" Black before applying a heavy dry-brush of "Citadel" Doombull Brown, and then a lighter dry-brush of "Rakarth Flesh". Finally all the bases were washed with Agrax Earthshade and given another coat of PVA to seal everything together.

Before I applied the "Games Workshop" static grass, I tidied the bases up by applying two coats of "Coat D'Arms" Black along the edges and treating these areas to a coat of "Citadel" Colour Varnish.

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