Saturday, 26 April 2014

Muster First Patrol - Part One

These two stands of 15mm "The Ion Age" miniatures are from a combination of Prydian Army models found within IAF021 Muster First Patrol Command and IAF022 Muster First Patrol. They've been based on a couple of small bases by "Battlefront Miniatures" in order to indicate that the first contains a Sergeant (i.e. a wildcard for the "Science-Fiction Companion" setting for the "Savage Worlds" core rules system) and the other a heavy weapon.
In order to try and tie these infantrymen in with the "Rogue Trader" feel of my previously painted Prydian Retained Knights, I've sought inspiration from the old "Warhammer 40K" Imperial Guard; back when they were metal miniatures sculpted by Mark Copplestone and came with separate plastic arms and weapon sprues.
    As a result the Guardsmen were all undercoated with "Vallejo" Heavy Bluegrey, washed with "Citadel" Nuln Oil and then had their shoulder pads, boots, and chest armour painted with "Coat D'Arms" Black. Any leg pouches and backpacks were painted using a combination of "Vallejo" Heavy Sienna and "The Army Painter" Quickshade Strong Tone. All the weapons were coated with "Citadel" Boltgun Metal and then washed with Nuln Oil. In line with the old Imperial Guard colour scheme, I painted the Sergeant's chest plate, helmet insignia and shoulder pad epaulettes with "Vallejo" Gold and more Quickshade Strong Tone by "The Army Painter".
I've still quite a few more of these 15mm Prydian Army models from "The Ion Age" left to paint. But am currently 'cracking on' and concentrating on five (more) 25mm "Judge Dredd" miniatures by "Mongoose Publishing". The Mobster Blitzer figure is proving a joy to paint, whilst his Judge Dredd (sold as JD20001 Judge Dredd 1 by "Warlord Games") counterpart has so many of the miscast and poor sculpting issues that have so frustrated me with previous 'Mongoose Matt' miniatures from this range.


  1. Nice paintjob! I've linked your work in my article:

    1. Thanks Kadmon. Nice to see people still looking at some of these early postings. The mobster blizter was a lot of fun to paint, as he was predominantly dark grey, so the "Citadel" Badab Black did most the work for me.


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