Saturday, 19 April 2014

Painting Challenge: Week Three - 15mm Ion Age

The third week of my painting challenge is going to require some serious effort to complete as the target will be ten stands of 15mm; utilising miniatures predominantly from the Prydian Army range by "The Ion Age" as well as (for simplicity and sanity's sake) some more Xenomorph models by "Ground Zero Games".
I've already got to work on some of the Prydian heavy weapon and officer models from "The Ion Age" Muster First Patrol bags, having been really taken with the figures (and company) at Salute 2014. Indeed, I've since received a subsequent order of even more Prydian figures from them, as well as the majority of their Space Goblin miniature range; their Malig Infernus Tank being a particular highlight ( 
I plan to base all of these models using "Battlefront Miniatures" stands, with command (wild cards for "Savage Worlds") and heavy weapon teams pairing up on small bases, and three regular infantry models being glued on medium-sized bases. Colour scheme wise, the uniform of the Prydian Army is famously red and white but I plan to go with the simple black and grey uniforms of the Imperial Guard, from back in the good old "Rogue Trader" days. This'll be far simpler (and quicker) to paint and also give me an excuse to give the officers some nice gold chest armour.


  1. I will be watching the challenge with interest. Happy Painting!


  2. GBS, Truly an excellent range, and was certainly the find/highlight of Salute 2014 for me.


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