Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Painting Challenge: Week Five - 6mm Micro Armour

Week Five of my painting challenge sees my three-month project's subject return to 6mm "GHQ" miniatures and five more bases of Modern British "Micro Armour". This should mean I'll be able to finish off both my second Rifleman Section and Saxon APC Battalion Asset, and thus finally field a basic British Army platoon.
In addition I also hope to complete a few more North African resin buildings by "Baccus 6mm" so I can populate a couple of recently acquired MDF bases and create some 'Built Up Areas' for my battlefield.

Meanwhile, behind the scenes, I'm still slowly trying to complete a few more bases of "The Ion Age" 15mm Prydian Army models. Once finished I'll be able to game some small 'Rogue Trader era' exchanges between the 'Imperial Guard' and LV-426 Aliens, using the "Science-Fiction Companion" setting of "Savage Worlds".

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