Thursday, 3 April 2014

Painting Challenge: Week One - 6mm Micro Armour

In an effort to both 'chip away' at my lead mountain and 'complete' some of the many projects I've begun but never finished over the past few years, I've decided to start a weekly painting challenge for the next three months. In brief every seven days, at the turn of a playing card, I'll have to paint a small collection of figures I already own. The models will range in scale from 6mm - 28mm, and consist of anything from one to ten models or stands (depending upon the miniatures size); in addition they'll (hopefully) be weeks when I can paint what I like (upon the turn of a picture card). If I fail a challenge then I'll be not be buying any new 'shiny things' for the following week (as my current addiction is that bad).

To get things going I'll be painting eight bases of 6mm this week and have chosen some British Army models from a couple of "Modern Micro Armour" blisters by "GHQ". I've owned these "super detailed 1:285 scale" figures for a couple of years now, having bought a couple of army boxes whilst at the Newbury-based show "Colours" and then a load more from the webstore "Wargames Emporium".

I originally planned to use the miniatures with the "Battlefield Evolution Modern Combat" rules by "Mongoose Publishing" but now hope to use them as a small British force for "Savage Worlds" by "Pinnacle Entertainment Group".

Whilst searching for my "Modern Micro Armour" packets I've also found a load of 6mm "Exodus Wars" models by "Steel Crown Productions". I picked up a few blisters from this range at around the same time as the "GHQ" figures with the intention of having the British Army face off against an Undead (Edenite) Zombie Horde; similar to that seen at 'the Battle of Yonkers' as depicted in the novel "World War Z" by "Max Brooks".
I've already started painting up and basing a few of the British Army 6mm vehicles and soldiers, and, inspired by the blog, started undercoating another plastic "Marvel Heroclix" 28mm.   

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