Monday, 14 April 2014

Painting Challenge: Week Two - 6mm Baccus Scenics

The subject of my second week's painting challenge will actually follow on nicely from the 1:285 scale "GHQ" "Modern Micro Armour" I've painted over the past week or so. It's going to be more 6mm but this time from the North African Building range of "Baccus 6mm"; plus I need only complete a single stand over the next few days.

I actually bought these nine splendidly detailed resin buildings around the same time as my "GHQ" British Army, and believe that some of the models are now actually out of production; as the "Baccus 6mm" website would only seem to be selling them these days as a collection of six Eastern Mediterranean buildings.
I've already based them on similar plastic stands to those I use for my 6mm collection, flocked them and even started undercoating and washing a few of them ready for their windows and doors to be picked out, and the models dry-brushed with cream and then white.

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